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  1. No, no, no, no, no..................

    Sorry, but I’ve never been a Dylan fan..  About the only one of his I like is ‘Lay Lady Lay’ and to me Neil’s version of that is a 10000000 times better than Bob’s!!!!!


  2. Catchy

    Bob Dylan is one of those musicians who, the deeper I dig, the more fascinated I become.

    He doesn’t always hit the mark, but somehow Dylan singing anything is at least interesting.

    Not the best cover of SC, but catchy and a bit of an earworm now for me.

    I like the early 80s period of Bob – and eventually, of course, his transition into Wilburyness.

    I love Neil’s music from that time as well. Shame there’s nothing as extensive bootleg-wise compared with Dylan – goodness, that’s up to volume 16 in his official series.


  3. Infidels

    The first Bob Dylan album that I bought was Infidels and remains a favorite.Guess these recordings are from that era.

    Neil has released very very little unreleased stuff,especially unreleased outtakes & demos.The “America” and “IAIS” demos on the 50th is almost laughably short.




  4. Majestic

    Actually, Bob Dylan’s version is powerful and majestic. It sounds what it is – a run through which could have been developed further – but it is still packing some oomph. I’ve warmed to it even more after a few more listens.

    In fact, the whole Bootleg Vol 16 set, which I now have, is brilliant. Nicely packaged – reminiscent in reduced form of the deluxe 50th Anniversary package for Neil.

    Considering these are the unused bits, from a period spanning just a few years, the delve into this Bob era is fascinating. I’m not particularly a Dylanhead either.

    There is a contrast it seems between Bob’s hidden studio output and Neil’s. The amount left on the shelf differs greatly. For fans, these archives can be great fun.

    But, it’s great that such sets are being produced for legacy artists. I do wish there was more dipping into Neil’s archives. I expect sales interest would not be as buoyant as Bob’s stuff, which must mean there are many Dylan fans forgoing meals to purchases these multiple volumes of their man’s archives.

    Anyway, the Bob treatment of Sweet Caroline has joined my playlist alongside Elvis’s great live take.





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