As Neil’s 6th Christmas Album Will Be Released,Here Are Album Sales of 1-5

So The Christmas Album was a massive hit in 1992 mainly because of of the novelty of hearing such a distinctive voice singing Christmas classics.The second Christmas album missed the top 40 but went Gold.But the sales of the ones since then have been so dismal.Not only the United States but internationally.Why do record companies bother with Neil Christmas albums when there is a 50 year canon of classic Neil Diamond originals to pick from?

Here are Neil’s US Album sales (Christmas albums):

1992  #8 The Christmas Album –  2X Platinum 2,340,000

1994 #51 Christmas Album, Vol 2 Gold 800,000

2009 #60 A Cherry, Cherry Christmas  200,000 (Did not even chart in any other country)

2013  #193 The Classic Christmas Album 20,000 (Zero US or international gold certifications)

2016  #48 Acoustic Christmas ASNA  (Again,Zero US or international gold certifications)

Neil did a ton of media press with A Cherry Cherry Christmas & Acoustic Christmas.Even music videos.Still sold little.The fact that Neil Diamond Christmas is purely compilation,It will be lucky to even make the top 200 (see 2013’s The Classic Christmas Album).50 year vault of original music to remaster and pick from and a 6th Christmas CD is all they can come up with?



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  1. Christmas record

    SB is absolutely spot on, this will not sell in big numbers, its a compilation with apparently some new twists, if you can spot them.

    Poor poor show from the record company, but, Neil must have had some input into this or the re mixing was nothing to do with him and the record company are using this as a selling point!!

    I have now given up on any new substantial music from Neil, I don’t think there will be new album, and what I do think is that the record company will continue to drip out re-hashes from time gone by maybe adding an unheard track every now and then. Let’s face it they can sit back and live of the royalties off SC as its played everyday somewhere, in fact William Hill, Bookies in the UK have been using it as background music over their betting adverts all year!!! on the racing and football channels.

    Ah well now I have resigned myself to that fact I will instead focus on artistes I like and go to see, saw Starsailor last week in the UK, tremendous in a small venue but they are class.




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