Gary Guthrie, a parttime Dj and a program director at a radio station in Louisville, KY posted an animated video on the internet about the song, “You Don’t Bring Me Flowers” by Barbra & Neil, making the record company, Barbra, Neil as the bad guys.

Here’s the story, eight radio stations spliced to two solo versions by Neil and Barbra together. Gary Guthrie, who just got divorced from his wife was playing Neil’s solo version, and then added Barbra’s solo version and made an unreleased version. He played it over the air and a got tremendous respond to it. So, he called Columbia records told them what he had done, the person on the other end, told to him “cest and dicest” (Note: I may have spelled it wrong). He called Columbia Records a second time and told the person on the other end what he had done. They said, will talk to Barbra & Neil about if they will record the song as a duet. Barbra and Neil got certain amount of $$$ of the sales of the 45 and airplay of the song. The song sold over 1,000,000+ copies. Columbia Records offered him only $500 for his idea. He ends up suing the Columbia Records/CBS, Inc. for $5,000,000 smackeroos. He lost the case, apparently. Then he put the video on the internet as noted in the paragraph noted above.

My question, does anybody still have that video? I would like to have it.


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  1. Jeff, a question for you.

    You once mentioned, you and your brother have 19 unreleased ND recordings ( We’re Do’in It was one).  What are the other 18 titles and album sessions.  Just curious.  Thanks.  Btw…you sent me the Story of My Life proposed album tape 30 years, which I still appreciate.



    Are you sure it was thirty years ago?  My brother and I don’t remember.  Thirty years ago, we were living in the borough of Queens of New York City.  Brooklyn, Queens, Nassau and Suffolk Counties is considered Long Island.  We live now in Nassau County, south shore in Massapequa, just 2.2 miles east where Neil and his 1st wife, Jaye lived at 14 Frenkel Rd., Massapequa, NY.  Picture two doughnuts as the number eight, donut hole is Massapequa Park (A Incorporated village) and the donut is Massapequa, not the exact boundaries of the village and town, but in general.

    Can you send us your email address?  Ours is  I prefer to send you that list in an email.







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