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  1. Having listened to "America" and other songs from the album...

    I actually think that “America” is one of the better ones.

    To me,the upbeat songs work better with the LSO then the ballads.Ballads that were already lush and orchestrated (and to many over-produced) to begin with.

    Classic Diamonds is like the Movie Album.Not my cup of tea.

    I still have Melody Road playing in my sony walkman.So would love a proper (non-Christmas non-orchestra) Diamond studio album.Its been 6 or 7 years since Melody Road!



  2. America gave me chills

    Wow, this has become a tough crowd, of course everyone is entitled to their own opinion and mine is: some people on this message board owe Neil and apology.  This is a TERRFIC album considering ALL of the circumstances. They could have just rolled out the same songs and gone the easy route but they did try to breathe new life into these songs. Yes, none of them will replace my favorite recordings but I am really enjoying the new arrangements.

    “Over produced, over orchestrated,” are just the same tired descriptions people have been using for years.  It’s time for some new perspective. This man is in his late 70’s, with a medical condition and decided to keep working during these trying times.  His voice is still strong and this was an awesome display of his love for music and his desire to give his fans something new.

    We all have our favorite “Neil” songs, renditions and recording for all kinds of reasons and while some of these songs may not be your favorite they provide a different presentation which in itself is exciting.

    One of the greatest disappointments of my life is that I no longer get to look forward to Neil’s next tour and figure out which cities I’ll be visiting but the fact Neil is still working and giving us as fans something to look forward to is a blessing!

    BRAVO NEIL!!!  Thank you, and whatever you decide your next project is, I’ll be one of the first on line to get it.




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