Album teaser video



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  1. Very nice commercial/teaser

    Great pictures with the folksy voice-over and career retrospective vibe!

    But it does slightly glose over how um…unusual a Neil Diamond Greatest Hits album this is.

    From Neil rerecording new vocals to hits that he sang on record atleast 38 years ago.To Celine Dion/Mariah Carey’s producer producing & arranging those hits.To how one feels about classical music/”muzak” in general.After all,most of the pop/rock/country legends release albums with a famous orchestra after they have passed,to very limited sales.Its very unusual for a living legend to release such an album as a big new release.


  2. The Narrator was Don Was

    I read through the comments on YouTube and the creator of the video said it was Don Was who did the voice over which is a nice touch. So Don must approve of the album, I hope he is producing the new originals Neil Diamond album he’s a good producer for Neil.



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