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  1. I'd say this is typical scandal rag rubbish

    Most of what’s in that article has been quoted long time ago and this is merely stating what everyone really wants to have happen. It doesn’t state anything concrete.

    It also states Neil’s last full concert was at the LA Forum, …..really ???…… well just shows how accurate this is when we all know it was at the O2 Arena in London.


    Just another piece of shite journalism I feel………………more Fake News from an unreliable source IMHP.


  2. New Album

    I would never rely on the Daily Mirror for any sort of factual or balanced information and the quotes attributed to Neil were originally published in USA Today and are about two years old, it is also correct that his last full concert was at the O2 Arena in London on October 2017 and not at the LA Forum. This is just lazy research by the writer who has obviously googled largely US sites which do tend to state that his last show was in LA, but do not paraphrase it by stating is was his last full US show.

    However a new album is forthcoming and does appear to include a collaboration with Stevie Wonder. Neil himself actually confirmed this in an interview at the recent Power of Love Gala.

    “I am working on an album right now, and I am listening exclusively to me,” Diamond said. “A few days ago I worked with Stevie Wonder, on a song I’d written awhile ago. It’s just great to be with him. It’s almost finished, it’s just me for the most part. I’ll just have to fill up the space as much as I can.”

    Taken from the Las Vegas Review Journal.


  3. joyeu

    It is wonderful news if is it true.  It was announced on Channel 10 today and said it would be available near Christmas.  Can’t wait     Joy



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