A Top Ten for Neil – good videos.

This top ten from Smooth Radio has links to some excellent clips, obviously carefully selected by someone who knows Neil”s work in some detail. Nice that it spans his whole career – not an easy task.

The Play Me duet with Shirley Bassey just oozes sensuality. Two amazingly seductive performers on a one-off TV  performance. Phew!

This article is well done as an introductive overview to Diamond in ten songs.



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  1. Thank you.

    Well done article indeed.  And oooohhhh how I wish it had been me and not Shirley with Neil on ‘Play Me’!!!!!!!! ♥♥♥♥


  2. Must admit....................



    I very much prefer the Brian Wilson “featured” version of Delirious Love, but the solo version is great to.

    But in saying the above I’ve come to dislike Sweet Caroline as it’s such a done to death song it’s not funny.



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