a suggestion…

under “register now” you should perhaps also ask for the year of birth. Would be inetresting to see how many generations are Neil-Fans…

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  1. If you registered and did not put your birthday on the registration form….you may want to reconsider…..

    I’ll leave this to surprise, but……

    if you registered your birthday, BE SURE to log on to IAIS on your birthday.

    That’s all I’m sayin.’



  2. ….I tried to post mine – March 26, 1934 – but the highest I could come up with was “31” for the last two digets for the year. Now, I think I’m still “alive,” but I couldn’t put it on the personal information…!! Eydie, you said, when using browser, to type IAIAND.Com. Didn’t you mean to write “IAISND.com? Peace…..



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