A Beautiful Noise Musical

Did anybody hear about the reviews for the B’way run yet?

Bill C

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  1. Reviews

    Hi Bill, as I am sure you are aware, the show is still in its review phase, the actual official /press opening isn’t until 4th December and its very likely to be post the 4th when we will start to see the more major reviews. In the meantime we may see smaller online reviews from wannabe arts critics and some published reviews from smaller niche publications. But the “big guns” will probably be keeping their powder dry for now! As an aside, I have seen the show and its excellent, if I have one criticism the musical (for me) could have been a little bit longer, but that’s not stopping me going to Broadway in December. It is often said that there is a particular “feel” about Neil’s music and concert performances and whilst no one will ever replicate the real thing, this musical unlike any tribute act, has Neil’s stamp and “feel” all over it.


  2. Cast album

    I listened to the cast album last night and it was excellent.  Got a real feel of the story line.

    As said above the real reviews come in December.



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