Melissa Etheridge: Neil Diamond Day.

by Francisco Alfaro June 29, 2020

Concerts fro Home. Melissa Etheridge: Neil Diamond Day. Start at the minute 10:11 Or a... Read more

Neil Diamond “Holly Holy” on The Ed Sullivan Show

by Francisco Alfaro June 29, 2020

Neil Diamond performing "Holly Holy" on The Ed Sullivan Show on November 30, 1969.  

Melissa Etheridge: Neil Diamond Day.

by Francisco Alfaro June 29, 2020

Concerts from home: Melissa Etheridge, "Neil Diamond Day" May 2020 Starts at 10:11 Or a shorter video, from the beginning Read more

New vinyl releases

by Holger Petersen June 26, 2020

Capitol/Universal is set to release black and limited colored vinyl releases of: Hot August Night  (2LPs) Hot August Night II  (2LPs) Hot August Night III  (2LPs) Hot August Night/NYC  (2LPs) Love At The Greek  (2LPs) Read more

TV Commercial

by neilfans2 June 26, 2020

Neil wrote a song and performed for a TV Commercial for G.I. Joe in 1970, "Gonna Rescue G.I. Joe." Does any ND fans have it? Jeff Read more

Be in 1992 on You Tube?

by uclax1971 June 15, 2020

Hello All, I think I remember seeing "Be" from a 1992 show on You Tube, but I can't find it now. Does anyone have a link? I was fortunate enough to be at opening night at the Forum that year. Neil was especially energetic.  Some of my favorite performances ever were "Sweet LA Days (included on Stages)"... Read more

Neil at Chicago Stadium 1982 is on Sugermegs!

by sky bird May 30, 2020

I just noticed that Neil's show at Chicago Stadium 1982 is on to it now!          

How Did This Get By Me?

by Eydie May 25, 2020

  • A clear vinyl double album has recently been released by Target. Not new material...just a unique packaging.   Anybody else heard about this?

Message Board Now Cleaned Up

by Eydie May 19, 2020

In the future, when you notice that the message board has been attacked by unknown entities, instead of slut-shaming me, like some folks did this past week, please email me and let me know.  I'll get right on it. Thank you.  Please.... Carry on...…..

Album on the way

by jp from la May 2, 2020

Neil PSA Washing Hands…

by plutopants March 22, 2020

  Watch Neil Diamond Transform 'Sweet Caroline' Into Coronavirus PSA  

New album

by Dannyboy March 9, 2020

During the interview at the weekend, Neil mentioned a new album is in the works.  Fingers crossed for more news soon. In the meantime, what do people hope for in terms of style and producer.  I loved the Rick rubin style albums.  Could we see another Rick and Neil collaboration? As an alternative I t... Read more

OMG!!!!! Neil performed for 30 minutes

by Dannyboy March 8, 2020

Wasn’t expecting that.  Neil did a mini concert tonight at the power of love gala.  Looking and sounding great. There are some videos circulating on Facebook set list: Hello Again, Cracking Rosie, love on the rocks, Blue Jeans, September Morn, I am I said, off stage. Encore, Sweet Caroline Some grea... Read more

From tonight’s Power of Love in Vegas

by Bev Lawrence March 8, 2020

I don’t know how to post photos on here, but Getty images has photos already. Go to Gettyimages and search for 2020 power of love, vegas. There are several nice photos of Neil.  

FOND Neil calendar landed in OZ!!!!!

by Aussie Gem February 11, 2020

Lovely casual pic of Neil on the new calendar, and a couple of stickers with it too!!!  :-)  Great to finally be able to take down the old one and still have Neil on my fridge!!!!

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