The new look….

by IAISND Admin September 29, 2002

is absolutely wonderful. You have certainly gone to a lot of work. Love the photos.

Ottawa and Toronto were AWESOME shows!

by IAISND Admin September 29, 2002

There is so much to post about them and to be honest, I'm too tired now. Just got home a couple of hours ago. Neil was VERY playful during the show and after! Will try to organize my thoughts sometime today and post.

a suggestion

by Lois Labendz September 29, 2002

is there a way to do a view thread option like we had on the network 54 board

The Board

by Evelyn Wright September 29, 2002

Iris - I have now! It is FANTASTIC!! I can see I am going to be otherwise occupied for the rest of the evening!

WOW!!!! This is amazing.

by IAISND Admin September 29, 2002

Eydie, Iris and Jean, I love the new board it truly is wonderful. Thank you for putting in all the hard work to make this work. I suspect it will take me a couple of days (OK, maybe a couple of weeks!!!! LOL) to figure it out but I know it will be worth it. I've spent 10 minutes repeatedly refreshing the h... Read more

thank you eydie

by IAISND Admin September 29, 2002

to send it on my email it's great still I didn't write my repoort from ottawa,I might because some events where peculiar...I'll try even if I am shy with my english will enjoy the new board anyway,,,,,,,,,congratulations!!!!!!!!!1

Monday tickets/New Board Look

by IAISND Admin September 29, 2002

Jean/Scott/Tom: Hey guys, we found an internet cafe down the street from our hotel in Niagara Falls. We will be trying for tickets from here while on the phone with you. Jean/Eydie/Iris: Love the new look but only have 6 minutes left and can't browse through it all yet. Talk to you all soon. BTW . .... Read more

OOH! Cool site!

by IAISND Admin September 29, 2002

Congratulations! A do we find out when Neil adds more performances? Has he added any past December?

Congratulations on the new board!

by IAISND Admin September 29, 2002

This is very professional looking and I think Neil will be very pleased to see this if he has time to take a peek. I hope you sent him the url. Again, congratulations of the new board look!

BRAVO! ;-)

by IAISND Admin September 29, 2002

The new site is fabulous! I was a little worried about navigating around the board, but it's really easy to use. Where are all the posts from the "old" "new" IAIS board? LOL!!! Okay Eydie, PLEASE direct me to all those Neil quotes you told me were here. I LOVE reading those, but I can't remember where they ar... Read more

Wow!What a surprise!

by IAISND Admin September 29, 2002

I think it look great.You have done a wonderful job.

You guys had nothing to worry about! It’s even better

by IAISND Admin September 29, 2002

than I imagined it would be. And now I will spend my whole day having fun with it :) KUDOS TO YOU ALL!! ps. how do you do this optional image thing?

WOW! needs to take a lesson!

by Darla Kappus September 29, 2002

This is so much nicer than the "official" site! What a lot of work went into this - you guys are so dedicated.

Great job!!

by IAISND Admin September 29, 2002

I feel like it is Christmas and I just opened a great new toy!!! Thanks for the hard work and effort you gals put into re-doing your website. Very, very cool!!


by IAISND Admin September 29, 2002

were you ever right Iris! Thanks ladies for providing a fantastic board! It has always been fun on IAIS(well 95 percent of the time) lol, but this tops all!!! I know that much time and work has gone into this and it is deeply appreciated. Going to roam around now and register! Hugs


by IAISND Admin September 29, 2002

am very pleased with this labor of love! What a nice place to come home to! smile

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