you guys are making me NUTZ!!!!

by Lois Labendz September 29, 2002

all i've been doing for the past 1/2 hour is refreshing so i can see the new snapshot and new quote everytime i refresh - i can't stop it's addicting

Looks Great!

by IAISND Admin September 29, 2002

Ladies, the new look is fabulous! There is so much to see and do! Wow!

Thanks Iris & Co – Brilliant Job !!

by IAISND Admin September 29, 2002

a suggestion…

by IAISND Admin September 29, 2002

under "register now" you should perhaps also ask for the year of birth. Would be inetresting to see how many generations are Neil-Fans...

Great Job!!!

by IAISND Admin September 29, 2002

Love the new look--Debbie

Great job, ladies !!! Thanks for your work !

by IAISND Admin September 29, 2002

This is fantastic! This is the fan-site Neil deserves !!! Makes it even more interesting to get back... Again, congrats, Walter

This site is incredible!! GREAT JOB Ladies!! :)

by IAISND Admin September 29, 2002

Neil will be impressed.

You did Neil proud!

by IAISND Admin September 29, 2002

What a great, comprehensive site! You gals outdid yourselves. I hope Neil takes a peek... could take a few pointers. Thanks for all of you hard work and expertise.

Awesome, fantastic, etc……

by IAISND Admin September 29, 2002

I knew this site would be wonderful and have been waiting patiently for it to become a reality. Thank you so much, Iris, Eydie and Jean, for all your hard work, long hours and dedication in putting this website together! Oh, and I don't want to forget Rob for all he did for, and with, you guys. A true mast... Read more


by Linda Schildgen September 29, 2002

I love the board - LOVE IT!! But you must explain to my boss why I won't be getting much work done for the next few weeks I explore EVERYTHING!! Thank you for all you do.

GREAT JOB! WOW! Miss a couple days. . .

by Jane Massey September 29, 2002

... of logging in and LOOK WHAT HAPPENS! This is terrific. I haven't had a chance to check out everything - had to go to the 'Message Board' first and see when this happened. I feel like I need a tutorial immediately. Looks like lots of info. housed here. Again, this looks great.

New Site

by IAISND Admin September 29, 2002

OMG!!!! I love it!!!!


by IAISND Admin September 29, 2002

Wow ...Eydie, Jean, Iris and Robert... what a wonderful surprise to see this absolutely awesome website for Neil! Thanks to each of you for your time and efforts in bringing the Neil Diamond fan community together in such a beautiful new home. I can hardly wait to thoroughly navigate the entire site but I ... Read more

Fantastic Job!

by Cathy Finegan September 29, 2002

Dear Eydie, Jean and Iris- As always, you have done a fantastic job! I remember the old days when I would have given my right arm for information about Neil, and now you have made it all so easy. First the message board and now this! Thank you for all you do, and the hours of work you put in to provide ... Read more

check out the photo gallery… the grass..waiting

by IAISND Admin September 29, 2002

i am going crazy here....the site is beautiful

New board is fabulous!

by IAISND Admin September 29, 2002

Listen ladies...I am supposed to be writing out my mortgage payment right now. I am behind due to the Thelma, Hey Louise & Flame concert tour. Told my husband...I'm gonna look at the board before I settle into the unwelcome, mundane chores of opening 2 weeks worth of mail and paying the pipers...then I find... Read more

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