I love the board…..But…

by IAISND Admin September 29, 2002

I love the board.I spent hours- just checking everyhing out but where the Upcoming Tv appearance.

What happened to the board

by IAISND Admin September 29, 2002

it is absolutely the best, you ladies have outdid yourselfs. I just got back from a weekend in Milwaukee and log on and this is what I find...:) this is great Thanks to the 3 of you..:)

registration question

by Tom Conquest September 29, 2002

I just registered and was accepted but still dont get access to Whos Who and other options. I really like this site, kinda like a Walmart Super Store...one stop shopping for all things Neil!

Nope do not like the new board…..

by IAISND Admin September 29, 2002

Just to many damn pictures to distract you. Interesting layout I was never one for change but I can live with it LOL not like a spend all day here.

WOW was I surprised

by IAISND Admin September 29, 2002

I've been off the board a few days...and missed that something new was in the air...I love it. Thanks for all your hard work!

I love the new board!

by IAISND Admin September 29, 2002

It looks great! The pictures of Neil are wonderful. I do kind of miss the "View Thread" option of the old board. Is there any chance of having that here? Good work, Iris, Eydie, and Jean! Thanks for all you do for us!


by IAISND Admin September 29, 2002

Love the new board. You ladies deserve a reward for all your hard work that goes into this board. I do not post much, but I do read the board daily and have attened concerts. Again, thanks for the new board!!

The Quiz

by IAISND Admin September 29, 2002

http://www.customerssuck.com/forums/images/smilies/Woot_Emoticon.gif 6-5 correct: The Jazz Singer knows you can do BETTER Damnit... http://talk.livedaily.citysearch.com/images/smilies/tongue2.gif lol I wanna know which ones I missed though!


by Lois Labendz September 29, 2002

Neil did not appear today as was previously mentioned on the old board - behind the music was not shown - the godfather was

Yes we all love the new format

by IAISND Admin September 29, 2002

Now lets see how many posts on the board go up about it...

The right side of my screen is blank

by IAISND Admin September 29, 2002

I have been logging onto the new board off and on all day. I didn't notice it the first time, but in the last couple of times I've logged on there is a big white space on the right side of the screen. Is that normalor is something suppose to be there?

Look at what I found on the lyrics page!

by IAISND Admin September 29, 2002

Even I have to admit, this is a weird song...I've never heard it, but reading the lyrics made me laugh so hard, tears were coming (are coming) out of my eyes...It's from "I ain't got no trouble getting it on (ballad of the super stud)" I'm thinking it was writen in the 70's - the "lesure suit larry" days... ... Read more

Congratulations! Love the new format.

by IAISND Admin September 29, 2002

You three ladies sure put a lot of time and effort into making this board fun and interesting. Many friendships have been made because of this board and I personally want to thank you. Keep up the good work.

Posts on page two are now viewable…

by Iris Gerhardt September 29, 2002

Thanks to our magician, Rob Diamond! We knew there was something special about that name!!!! Thanks, Rob...you're the best!

Monday Morning Melody for Neil

by IAISND Admin September 29, 2002

To the tune of Lonely Looking Sky Lonely looking stage Lonely stage Lonely looking stage lt's feeling lonely cause Neil's not singing here singing here, he's not singing here Lonely looking Stage Lonely looking stage Oh when will Neil be singing here?????

way too much fun

by Lois Labendz September 29, 2002

i am having way too much fun here today - i should be finishing the laundry but got philip to do it - so i can play -

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