Ooh I like ‘modern view’

by IAISND Admin September 29, 2002

This might be the answer for those who like the

Blue Ribbon Winner

by Jacquelyn Greuel September 29, 2002

The new board and format are wonderful. You have done a great job. We all appreciate the work that has gone into this.

New look is great!

by IAISND Admin September 29, 2002

Dear Iris, Eydie, and Jean, This new format is fabulous. Thx for your all your efforts and dedication in providing such a wonderful site.

Is anyone else having trouble with the message colors?

by IAISND Admin September 29, 2002

After reading the messages and having the links turn red, when I come back the next time, they are blue again. It makes it hard to determine what I have already read. The messages toward the bottom of the page stay red, but the newer ones changed back to blue.

New site

by IAISND Admin September 29, 2002

Great job ladies. Love the new site. Looks like you've put a lot of time and effort into it. Thanks.

E-mail News Bulletins

by IAISND Admin September 29, 2002

Your "Site Help" refers to e-mail news bulletins. I hope you will send these in plain text, not HTML. If you do use HTML (or switch to it later), I hope you will give us an option to get them in plain text.

Message Board Remarks

by IAISND Admin September 29, 2002

1. It would be nice to have that View Thread option right next to the top message in the thread on the main message listing page, instead of having to go into the first message and then selecting it there. 2. Earlier tonight, messages I had already read didn't change colors. Now, they seem to be doing so, ... Read more

ATTN: Tom in Frankfort Ky

by Eydie September 29, 2002

I think we gotcha fixed now. Try logging in again, and let me know if you can see the Who's Who now. OK?

Great-Looking Site

by IAISND Admin September 29, 2002

I've been exploring this all evening - when I'm supposed to have been doing other things! Great job. I've still got an old computer, but I have a big monitor now. I see the white space, but I didn't notice it until someone else mentioned it. I haven't had any problems related to not having a fast comput... Read more

Is the LuLu Neil is holding in the picture that shows up

by IAISND Admin September 29, 2002

in the mix on the Home Page the same as "The British Pop Singer, LuLu"? If so, it is her son, Jordan Frieda, playing Prince William tonight in the movie on ABC. Our local TV Guide from the newspaper states this, anyway.

“American Dream”

by IAISND Admin September 29, 2002

Do you supposed that Dick Clark may include a clip from Neil's early appearance on "Bandstand" on 'American Dream' some week? Hope so!

The quotes are so revealing……..

by IAISND Admin September 29, 2002

My son and I just spent about an hour reading Neil's quotes. WOW, they tell so much about Neil back in the 70's. Kevin said that if Neil was currently in his 20's, he'd want to hang out with him!! I'd be so curious to read some current quotes from Neil on the same subjects. I wonder if his mind works the same... Read more

New Board

by Rod Glover September 29, 2002

First Class new board ( as expected ! )

LOVE what you have done to the place!

by IAISND Admin September 29, 2002

Nice paint job, new curtains, LOTS of pictures on the walls (YES!!!!) you have moved the furniture around and even added a few new pieces! GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!!!! This is going to be my HomePage now! Any chance of you setting up a news ticker and weather stats? ROFL! Sure beats Yahoo!

a fan

by IAISND Admin September 29, 2002

i just want to be a fan

Whoops just found a problem…

by Marilyn Pappas September 29, 2002

I'm spending too much looking at all the great pictures of Neil!

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