Neil Songs on Fleishman is in Trouble

by IronyAbounds January 10, 2023

Watching Fleishman is in Trouble, a Hulu series, I was surprised to hear Cherry Cherry in Episode 1 and Play Me in Episode 3.  One of the times Cherry Cherry is used in Episode 1 is during some scenes in which Jesse Eisenberg (Fleishman) is engaging in some carnal activity, so considered yourself warned if t... Read more

A Beautiful Noise musical 2nd week attendance drop bit troubling

by sky bird January 1, 2023

66% of the capacity filled for second week.Still good but hope it doesnt fall deeper.It is a great musical so tell your friends.I was a bit worried that the bad reviews would hurt it.Since Broadway shows are all about tourists to NYC going to see shows with either the biggest critical buzz or the legendary Br... Read more

The ‘Chair’ – Revisited (Again…)

by Benny December 18, 2022

Now that the Beautiful Noise musical is out there (and receiving mixed reviews), I wonder if any diehard Neil fans on here have any further insight to the meaning of the 'chair' in 'I Am I Said’? Now, I want to be up-front here and say that I have not yet seen the musical because I live outside the US an... Read more

Neil sings at musical opening

by Dannyboy December 7, 2022  


by Jean Scigliano December 5, 2022

We've had this website since 1999 but with all that has happened on social media we have not kept up with it as we probably should have. In saying that we hope that you find information about Neil here that you can't find on any other site. At one time the message board was very busy but sites like Facebook, ... Read more

Cordele Fan

by Michael Faircloth November 17, 2022

Today I pulled into a parking lot and saw a car with a sticker that said "HONK IF YOU LOVE NEIL DIAMOND" so I did. I went inside the store and met a wonderful lady and began talking about ND and her sticker. She was a true fan and went out of her way to get me not one but two of the stickers. I would very muc... Read more

Neil’s new Compilation Christmas CD’s Deluxe version

by neilfans2 November 15, 2022

I like to put in my two cents concerning the distribution of Capitol's products or the lack of. I live on Long Island, NY and I've been to all the Walmart & Target stores. They do not carry the 2-CD's deluxe version on the selling floor. We did buy the gold version vinyl up in Huntington Station in Suffol... Read more

A Beautiful Noise Musical

by neilfans2 November 4, 2022

Did anybody hear about the reviews for the B'way run yet? Bill C


by Hess Patrick September 30, 2022  

As Neil’s 6th Christmas Album Will Be Released,Here Are Album Sales of 1-5

by sky bird September 20, 2022

So The Christmas Album was a massive hit in 1992 mainly because of of the novelty of hearing such a distinctive voice singing Christmas classics.The second Christmas album missed the top 40 but went Gold.But the sales of the ones since then have been so dismal.Not only the United States but internationally.Wh... Read more


by neilfans2 September 16, 2022

Just received a email from the ND store. A new CD/2CD/2LP will be released October 28th, 2022. The title, "A Neil Diamond Christmas." It will contain previously released songs from Neil's Xmas Lp's from 1992 to 2016, with some new mixes. Go over to It shows the track list. Jeff

A Beautiful Noise Musical

by neilfans2 August 24, 2022

Does anybody know of the update of the musical? I know that some the actors got co-vid. Hope their OK. Bill

Beautiful Noise book?

by Karen Geary June 22, 2022

According to the “Hollywood Reporter” in February, and from other accounts, there will be a book made from the musical. Has there been any word about it’s release date? The book for “Hamilton” was very nice; basically it is the whole script with director’s notes. “Directed by Michael Mayer wi... Read more

by alskardig June 14, 2022

Beautiful Noise Musical

by Dave Evans June 11, 2022

Caught a photograph the other day of Neil watching rehearsals in Boston of the upcoming musical, answers the question as to whether he is fit and well. I assume he must be spending most of his spare time behind the scenes on the musical, hence why we have heard nothing recently. Brand new album could be... Read more

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