The In Sound – You Got To Me

Harry Harrison: Today, we’re going to hear what’s happening musically, in Liberal, Kansas. We’re talking to one of the top DJ’s at KSCV radio, Ted Mason. Ted, hello to you.

Ted: Hello, Harry, how are you today?

Harry: Doing fine, thanks, Ted. Tell me, what’s that number you see heading toward the top spot in town?

Ted: “You Got To Me.” It’s Neil Diamond.

Harry: Is Neil pretty popular out there?

Ted: Yeah, he’s doing real well out here. This particular one has been going real well. A lot of the older folks like it real well, too.

Harry: And I know our listeners are going to also. Ted Mason, KSCV, great having you with us today.

Ted: My pleasure to talk to you Harry, and we’ll see you again.

Harry: Before we hear Neil Diamond’s big new one, girls, I have a special word for you.


Harry: Here’s that big new climbing number by Neil Diamond. Neil wrote it too, and it’s called “You Got to Me.”

“You Got To Me” plays.

Harry: There it is…Ted Mason of KSCV’s pick – “You Got to Me.” Now, it’s great to say hello to Mr. Neil Diamond.

Neil: Thank you very much, Harry. It’s a pleasure to be here.

Harry: Is it true, Neil, that you formed your first singing group when you were about ten?

Neil: I think it was closer to eleven. By the time I was thirteen, I had already played with about seven or eight groups. I was a veteran–an old pro–by the time I was thirteen.

Harry: And how did you first get interested in music?

Neil: Well, I don’t really know. I saw a guitar once, and I wanted it. I borrowed it from a friend of mine and I learned how to play it. Ever since then I’ve been playing it and singing, and it’s something that I love.

Harry: Neil, who’s influenced you most in your career?

Neil: The people that I was mostly influenced by are the people who are producing me now–Jeff Barry and Ellie Greenwich. They’ve written things like “Be My Baby,” “Da Do Ron Ron,” “Leader of the Pack,” “Walking in the Sand,” “Hanky Panky,” and about fifty others that have been smashes. And they’re very talented people, and they influence me by the things they do and that way they do it.

Harry: Well they really seem to be doing something right. My thanks, Neil Diamond, for being our guest today.

Neil: It’s really been a pleasure, Harry. I’ll see you again soon.

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