The In Sound – Thank The Lord For The Night Time

Harry Harrison: First record in the spotlight this week is going to be selected by an Army recruiter in Owensboro, Kentucky. Sergeant First Class Bernard Doll. And Sarge, how ya doin’ today?

Caller: Oh, just fine, and you?

Harry: Couldn’t be better. Say, what’s the record that kids seem to sending up the charts these days in Owensboro?

Caller: Well, I would say in the Owensboro area, it would probably be “Thank the Lord,” by Neil Diamond.

Harry: Ah, good choice. It sounds like you’re keeping up with what the kids like musically, Sarge.

Caller: Well, yes, it’s one way a recruiter can stay informed you know.

Harry: Well, you’re doing a fine job. And Sargent Doll, my thanks for talking with us today.

Caller: OK, then, fine, thank you, Harry, for calling me.

Harry: We’re going to call on Neil Diamond right after this word for you fellows.


“Thank the Lord for the Nighttime” plays.

Harry: Oh the great Neil Diamond – a great chartbuster there. Neil, it’s always a pleasure to have you on “The In Sound,” Hi.

Neil: Hi. How are you?

Harry: Very, very well. Say this new record talks about the night time. You don’t have very much time, do you?

Neil: Uh, not as much as I’d like to. I like to keep as much time as I can for writing, but, uh, I’ve been producing some records. Uh, the recording doesn’t take that much time, but I enjoy performing very much, and we’ll be working colleges this fall, and we have some movie things that are coming up, and I’ll be writing some themes for movies also. So I’ve been very busy, but that’s great.

Harry: You bet it is. Neil Diamond, it’s been great having you. Neil Diamond!

Neil: Thank you for having me.

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