The In Sound – I Got The Feelin’

Harry Harrison: This is the In Sound presented by the United States Army.
A happy how do you do to you…Harry Harrison here, your host on “The In Sound.” Say, what tune is at the top in your town today. Sure would like to know, and you could tell us too. If we had your name and phone number, we could call you and put you on the show, and kids all over the USA would know what’s “in” in your town. How does that sound, huh? Why don’t you write to The In Sound, Box 3435, Grand Central Post Office, New York, 10017. It would be great talking to you, so drop us a note we want to hear from you. Marianne Nolan of Butler New Jersey gets our call today. Marianne, hello to you.

Caller: Hello Harry, how are you?

Harry Harrison: Great, thank you. Marianne, sweetie, what number do you think is going to be the big “In Sound” in Butler, New Jersey?

Caller: “I Got the Feeling,” by Neil Diamond.

Harry Harrison: Oh, yeah, Neil’s got a great sound there. Marianne Nolan, I want to thank you for talking to us today and giving us your “In Sound.”

Caller: Thank you.

Harry Harrison: We’re going to hear Neil Diamond’s big new hit, but first, I have a special word for you fellows. If you’re a college grad and would like a job that would give you valuable leadership training, that has no equal, listen to this: Under the Army Officers Candidate School Enlistment Option, you can take the six-month course leading to a commission in the Army Reserve. The course gives you rigorous physical and academic training in weapons, strategy, tactics, communications and leadership. It’s a course that will bring out all the best that’s in you. And after you receive your officer’s bars, you will be a leader of men – a man well on your way to getting experience that will be valuable the rest of your life. Find out how you can enlist in Officers Candidate School. Your Army recruiting Sergeant can arrange it for you in today’s Action Army.
New one by Neil Diamond. He tells us he’s got that feelin.’

“I Got the Feelin'” plays.

Harry Harrison: Ah, Neil Diamond really does have that feeling. Neil, you sound great.

Neil: Well, Thank you.

Harry Harrison: Neil, I know you wrote this number. You do all your own writing, don’t you?

Neil: Yeah, actually I started out playing and writing. I’ve done some writing for other people. I’ve written for people like Andy Williams, Sonny and Cher, Jay and the Americans, and an awful lot of people. One day I decided that I’d like to record some of the things that I’d written myself, and I just went in and did it.

Harry Harrison: Do you find it hard or easy to come up with an idea?

Neil: Uh, they never come easy to me. They’re very, very difficult. I know some writers who are able to sit down and write a song in an hour or two. But very often it takes me a week, two weeks, three weeks to finish a song. I really have to put a lot of blood into it.

Harry Harrison: But it seems well worth it. You always have a great sound, Neil. And great having you with us today. Neil Diamond!

Neil: Well it’s been a pleasure Harry. I hope to see you again soon.

Harry Harrison: The “In Sound” was presented by the United States Army…and this is Harry Harrison reminding you the United States Army schools are rated the finest in the world.

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