The In Sound – Brooklyn Roads

HH: This is the In Sound presented by the United States Army.

A happy how do you do to you. I’m Harry Harrison, This is the In Sound Show. The show for music minded
America. The show that everyday features the records selected by one of our listeners as the in sound in his
town. Who’s going to make today’s pick. A fellow from Eureka, California, wrote that he like to make a pick and today, Rob Dunning is going to make our In Sound pick.

HH: Hi, Rob

Rob (Caller) Hi, Harry

HH: How’s everything going in Eureka?

Rob: Fine

HH: Good, by the way, on what station do you hear the In Sound?

Rob: K-Red radio

HH: That’s a great station. What’s that big in sound on big K-Red radio?

Rob: Brooklyn Roads by Neil Diamond

HH: Neil’s really got a winner there in his new one. Thank

you Rob for picking it.

Rob: OK, Thank you, Harry

HH: Neil Diamond is going to tell us about Brooklyn


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country. In seeing the bit of the world appeals to you, see your army recruiting Sgt. He can arrange it. Your future, your decision, choose Army. (Brooklyn Roads starts to play)

HH: Neil Diamond writes and sings about his days in Brooklyn, “Brooklyn Roads.”

HH: Neil Diamond and his latest, “Brooklyn Roads.”

(HH Starts to talk at end of Brooklyn Roads)

HH: Neil always a pleasure to have you come down and see us here on the In Sound

ND: Howdy

HH: Hi, and now Neil, you write, you sing, and you produce records. One of the ones you wrote for the Monkees,
really set a record too. Could you tell us about “Daydream Believer?”

ND: For what I understand, it was one of thee, if not thee, the largest selling single in the history of records. Something like 8 or 10 million records, which is ah unbelievable and my family has only 4 or 5 million people in it. So, after they bought the records I don’t know who else bought them.

HH: Well, practically everyone else I’d say. Wish we had more time to talk, Neil. I do thank you for being with us today. As always. Best of luck to Neil Diamond.

ND: Well, it’s really been a gas. I hope both we can see other again

HH: The In Sound as been presented by the United States Army.

And I’m Harry Harrison, reminding you, that the United States Army is the worlds largest educator and can teach you a new skill. Your future, your decision, Choose Army.

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