Simon Bates

Simon Bates (11-27-91)

[Song: Hooked on the memory of you.]

S: Neil Diamond, who produces an album every two years and now has been doing that for about 20 years, we got to talking about how he relaxes. I think I have a slightly surprising answer.

Neil: I have a Harley Davidson, I have a couple of them. I like to take them out once a year, and uh, take long trips, west, I go with a bunch of friends, 6 or 7 other riders, ah, some of them are musicians, some of them are just plain old friends, civilians, and um… we have a good time.

S: So where do you go?

Neil: We find a place out west, usually Colorado, is our embarkation point, and we have a plan, we plan it out pretty well, and um… it takes about 6 months to plan it, and this year we hit six states, Utah, colorado, Montana, and Wyoming, all on very untraveled roads, ah, and see things that we have never seen before… Indian reservations, and ah, small towns, and ah, it’s a lot of fun, and nobody recognizes me, so that’s even more fun, and um, the accommodations, we just hope for the best. You know, hope for a clean bed and a shower. And if you don’t have that you um, you sleep out, we have sleeping bags, and tents and, it’s a lot of fun, its very different than my usual, daily routine.

S: We’ll talk about that movie after this.

[Song: Someone who believes in you.]

S: Ok lets talk about that movie, uh… the movie that he made, what, 18 years ago. Its called “The Jazz Singer.” It was made with Laurence Olivier, and has never made another one since. Why?

Neil: I don’t think I wanna do it again really soon, maybe (Simon interjects: Well its been quite a long time since you did it.) That’s right its 10 years, but, ah, it was a different kind of work. And the response was not immediate, it was… you know you have a director going “cut” and uh, and then you’re on to the next performance, ah, it was very grueling work–

S: why grueling?

Neil: Well, we had an 80 day shoot scheduled for The Jazz Singer, and I was filming 79 of those, and interestingly enough, the day that I had off, I came down to the set to see what everybody was doing. Um.. Its very hard work, it was well worth it, looking back on it, but uh, I don’t really look forward to that again. I have what I want to do, you know, write music, mainly, and perform it in front of an audience, and that’s what I do.

S: Write music, and perform it in front of an audience, a new album called “Lovescape” and you’ll be on the ITV tonight on the Des O’Connor show, Neil Diamond, and I wondered why? Its made a few quid, for the Harley Davidson, and the good lifestyle, and he’s still slogging around the world, and still performing on stage.

Neil: Because I love it, it’s the same reason I did it before, anyone ever paid me, I love it, its something I do, I think I have a little bit of talent for it, and I am willing to work at it. its one of the few things in my life that I am willing to work very hard at. And, um… I’ll do it you know, probably when people stop showing up too.

[Song: Brother Love]

S: Brother Love’s Traveling Salvation Show, across the years, he’s done pretty well, he’s on The Des O’Connor show tonight, don’t miss him, He’s good, and an interview, if you don’t like that kind of music. The new album is just a Neil Diamond type of album, —


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