Lifetime Of Rock

Lifetime Of Rock

Play: “Crunchy Granola Suite”

Announcer: You remember the first record you ever bought? Do you remember the first song you really liked that was played on the radio? The first date? The first time you told someone “I love you.” Whatever your memories, the chances are that a particular song stands out in your mind. The various events that have taken place are a good part of your lifetime. During these 72 hours, maybe some of those memories will be revived to you as we bring you the music of the past two decades in A Lifetime Of Rock…right throughout the Australia Day weekend.

Announcer: ??? to York says he took up music as an alternative to being a juvenile delinquent in a street gang. Through the ’60s he struggled as a songwriter until he met Bert Burns, who was a pop entrepreneur and recorded the semi-autographical “Solitary Man” which became a hit in the USA. His career took off there with hit after hit. In 1972, the live album classic “Hot August Night” was released and established Neil Diamond as a true superstar. One of the tracks on that album was “Song Sung Blue” which he said was based on a piece of music by Mozart. Neil Diamond now talks about that song.

Neil: “Song Sung Blue”…which to me was the …I think was one my best lyrics although it the simplest lyric that I think I’ve ever written. A very kind of special song in that there were inspirations in that song that really struck me. Some of the lines in it…It was a very pleasurable song to write and to do.

Play: “Song Sung Blue”

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