David Sheehan

David Sheehan (9-13-76)

Musical intro

Initial words cut off

Album. They’re already going to do the best of David Sheehan at The Greek Theater. You know it’s fantastic and I’ve been practicing(humming). You know some people don’t believe that I made my singing debut last night at The Greek, since it turned out I had already sent my film crew back and it looked like the uh, magical moment had gone unrecorded.

But today, a still photographer named Ed Kuraf, turned up with at least some proof of the event, beginning with Neil Diamond’s center aisle hello to me, a warm hello it was too, until all of a sudden he started shoving his mike in my direction and before I knew what was happening the mike was in my hand and Neil said, “OK go ahead, YOU sing for a while”.

He walked off then, leaving me all alone in the spotlight, facing 4,000 people, so all I could do was start singing Song Sung Blue and not knowing the words, I just sort of ad libbed like di di dillium di di dillia and I’ll tell you this, it’s just as well there was not a sound recording made because, well, I really wasn’t all that good and I went on much too long which is something I cannot say about Neil Diamond however, he was at his absolute best and he could have gone on for at least two more hours.

Of course, he had rehearsed more than I did. In fact, at dawn at the empty Greek Theatre yesterday morning he was just finishing a rehearsal that started the night before at midnight and picked up again yesterday afternoon with Diamond fiddling with the intricate sound system ’til the last possible minute because he really cared about this return to L.A. after four years away and he was determined to please all those fans who waited in line for half a day to buy up all of those tickets even when they went on sale.

Once the curtain went up those fans did indeed get their money’s worth.

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