Neil walks out of the elevator, he says his usual hello’s and thank you’s for us being there. I then said to him, “Neil, we were hoping you would have time to take a group photo with us.” He didn’t hear me the first time so I had to repeat it again and then I added, “we’re ready, all you have to do is to step into this space.” He looked at all of us and then asked me, “Who’s camera would you use?” I pointed to Carol and said, “Carol’s.” He then looked at Carol and said, “Is the camera focused?” Carol answered, “yes.” “Is the lens cap off?” Again, Carol answered yes. “Are batteries charged?” Carol answered, “Well they are dying as we speak.” Neil then asked, “If you want to be in the picture who’s going to take the picture?” I answered, “We were hoping that Tom would.” Neil looked at Tom and said, “It’s your call.” Tom agreed so as Neil is walking into the little spot we had reserved for him in our group the three in front right on cue all got down on one knee or sat on the ground. We had rehearsed it. Neil started laughing at that. Neil got into the group and Tom attempted to take the picture. He kept messing with the camera but the flash would not go off. That’s when Neil started laughing…really laughing. Tom finally got the picture taken and then Neil hugged some of us, again thanked us for being there and then left. I don’t know what the rest were doing but Neil had his armed draped on my shoulder. I was holding his hand with one hand and rubbing the top of his hand with the other. Omaha, NE, July 2008 – L to R, back row – Carol Mitchell, Kari Lachacz. Gloria Martin, Jenelle Plachy, Jim Cross, JoAnn Reed, Evaleen Kilkuski, Brenda Skinner. L to R, 2nd row – Kathy Kingery, Jean Scigliano, Jody Cross, NEIL, Joan Nurczyk, Patti Brennan. L to R front row – Sharon Honsey, Paula King & Darla Golden