You Throw the Best Parties!

Dear Neil,
Being a fan for close to 40 years, I want to thank you for the great music, lyrics and your magic presence. You and the Band are truly spectacular every time I see you in concert. I always think that you have planned the best party ever as you and we fans are singing, dancing and sharing the most exciting and happy experience. Thank you for the many Chicago and Atlanta concerts and this treasured DVD HANNYC to record the 2008 tour. The 2008 tour was truly fantastic!! Whenever I need a NeilFix, it’s so nice to be able to see you again via the DVD. However, a DVD isn’t the REAL DEAL, so please keep the hits coming and return to your fans as soon as you can. We start missing you as soon as the concerts are over!
Best Wishes Always from your Atlanta, GA fan, DiamondStar.

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