You did enjoy that bite of the Big Apple! Crunch!

Hi Neil,

Just like to tell you how much I enjoyed you recent TV special and DVD of Hot August Night.

I got to see you in concert in Philadelphia.The Madison Square Garden engagement is the one I would have loved to attend in person, now I have a taste of it anyway! You were terrific!! Your Grandson had it right–you did knock them dead!

It was fun to see you in your old neighborhood,and take a video walk with you down memory lane . After listening to your Brooklyn Roads ( which I love) it was enlightening to get a glimpse of your life in NYC.

Your music is a soothing balm for my mind and spirit! I love your old recordings–the new–and everything in between!

I know you must be a wonderful and giving man. Your music throughout the years reflects your positive and loving spirit. Looking forward to your next album! How’s the new songs flowing?

Congratulations on your Billboard ranking! Enjoy your triumph! Hope to hear from you on Twitter! ( AnnoPa)

Love, Diane Janis

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