Yes You Did Indeed You Did And You Can

Once upon a passing night dream
I beheld a mystic image
bathed in blue reflection.
There he stood and made his song,
closed his eyes to feel the thunder
echo like a wave around him
love was in the strange house.
and he knew he did belong,
yes he did belong.

Yes Neil you truly belong and are loved and admired by a great group of fans who love you and your music.

Thank you so much for making HAN NYC possible this year and may I add, making 1976 TYA possible last year. They are both concerts that set your contribution to music in the video equivalent of stone and they will be enjoyed by me and many thousands of fans for years to come.

May I also now ask that you consider touring again and include intimate settings with a different mix of songs on some nights -that would make your new songs sound so great. I would love to hear all of 12 Songs and HBD in an acoustic setting. I would also love to have professionally recorded live versions of some of your early songs like “Love to Love” and “Look Out Here Comes Tomorrow”

Looking forward to hearing a new album, take your time and enjoy the journey.

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