What Else Can I Say

Dear Neil,
So many people already said it all – but I’ll try to add my thanks. I was delighted to see four of your shows this time on tour – The Bowl, the Staples Center, Fresno (for a FANTASTIC New Year’s Eve party), and Portland. I even made the trip there twice to be sure I didn’t miss it. Each show was wonderful and unique and left me walking on air. To see the DVD was like being there in the arena once again, reliving it and enjoying myself to the hilt! To have the opportunity to do it again, any time I wish makes waiting for the next fantastic album and the next fabulous show bearable.
If you hate to see a recording of yourself as much as has been reported, that just makes the gift that much larger, more generous and more amazing.
Take a break by all means. Rest, catch up with family and friends; go to the beach and watch the pelicans or rescue sea scallops… But be sure to come back and give us more!
With love and gratitude from a greedy Believer… Joi

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