TOTALLY blown away!

Neil, you have TOTALLY blown me away! I never thought I could feel more passionate about you and your music but the Welcome Home Neil video has taken me to a new ‘level’. For 40+ years I’ve felt a ‘connect’ to your songwriting and music but now after watching your journey back home I can see and feel even more of the emotion in your songwriting, they now take on even MORE life. It’s absolutely incredible. Never, ever did I think I could be even more passionate about you and your song and music. I’m amazed and less confused about who Neil Diamond is. Thank you!

I’ve traveled all around the country to see you, getting to know your gestures and mannerisms. But being able to watch and rerun the concert video, WOW! there’s so much more that goes on with you and the band on stage. I see now that I need to pay better attention to the performance, which is very hard because in the ‘concert moment’ you consume so much of my energy.

Thank you SO MUCH for the whole DVD package. Now all I need is for you to come back out so that I can pay that ‘better attention’!

Sue Hill

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