There Are No Words

I cannot find any words to describe my heartfelt gratitude to you for giving your fans this long awaited concert DVD.
The DVD is superb. It captures the essence of your live performances, the music, the energy and the interaction of you and your band and fans.
I have been a fan of your since your appearance at the Bitter End in 1967. I
attend as many concerts as possible during each of your tours. I used to get floor seats but could not see with everyone standing. Now I try to get a seat on the side of the stage. With this DVD, I am able to have front row seats and I can attend a concert whenever I want to.
I know you have heard this many times but your music is a thread in the tapestry of my live. It’s there for me in good times and gets me through the bad times.
I want to thank you, the band and everyone involved in this fantastic project. Thanks to you and the band for giving so much of yourselves to your fans and for sharing your “Beautiful Noise” with us.
Janet Masterson
Salisbury, MD

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