The Most Heartfelt “Thank You”, Neil..

There are numerous things I could thank you for; the music, the inspiration to get in front of an audience and give them your best, knowing the healing power of music and participating in one of the most interesting activities our species engages in..beautiful music. Thank you Neil for giving all of us such a wonderful gift. We’ve all been longing for years for a full concert film, and you picked a brilliant show in which to recognize the legion of fans that truly do see you as an ordinary guy with an extraordinary gift and most importantly, is not afraid to share that gift with the world. The DVD is so well produced, the picture is perfect, the format is spot on…its…well, in a word…perfect! I was in attendance at the show at Mohegan Sun in CT and seeing the show again (and again and again!) is simply a blast. Thanks for strapping that guitar back on for more songs! You give us guitar players a thrill when you pound that Epi (although I miss the Ovations!) I enjoyed your humility with those guys in Brooklyn who didn’t know who you were! Very funny. “Oh I’m a singer”…Brilliant! Thanks again, Neil for the DVD! I hope Clamper is doing OK, even though I still think butter would be a better medium for him to swim in! Ha Ha! Best Wishes to you and yours,
Mark Donovan

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