The HAN/NYC, DVD is exactly what we wanted!

Hi Neil,

I hope you have a good idea of how much we appreciate this latest gift you’ve sent to us. I hope you know how much we have enjoyed it, already.

For those of us, worldwide, who saw shows during the your latest tour, it the very best of souvenirs. We can pull out that little, round, silver disk anytime we want to relive the concerts, and enjoy them in spectacular sound and energy.

For those who didn’t make it to a show on the last tour, the ‘Hot August Night, New York City’ DVD is as close to being there as possible.

This will get played at my house as much as LOVE AT THE GREEK, which after all these years, still gets regular air time.

Thank you again, for all the music and all the fun for so many years.

Jane Massey / Norfolk, VA

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