Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU

Dear Mr. Neil Diamond,
I have been a fan of yours for longer than I can remember (40+ years). I saw this concert live in Chicago and then again in Grand Rapids, Michigan – they were AWESOME! This DVD is the next best thing to seeing you live. It (the DVD) is such a beautiful expression of love. You put so much emotion and love into your concerts every time I have seen you perform. I have laughed and cried at every one of them. Every time I watch this DVD I feel like I am taking that same Love and emotion away from you and I will never be able to give that back or repay it. “Thank you” seems to come up so very short of the love, appreciation and respect that I feel for you, your music and your talent. With both hands over my heart I want to say a very sincere THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. I will treasure this DVD (along with all of your other CD’s and DVD’s that are in my collection) forever. You are the BEST. Your music always touches my heart and soul. Thank you so much and may God Bless you and yours forever. I hope to see you on the road again soon. Your loving fan forever, Terri Falk

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