Thank You So Much………..

Neil, I loved the concert in 2002 from Ireland and wished it had been the whole thing. Can’t tell you how happy I was to see the new DVD. I am training for my first Ironman triathlon and listen to the Live from Las Vegas 2002 concert from the “Stages” CD/DVD all the time. I am so looking forward to adding your new concert to my iPod. It has to drive my neighbors crazy when I play the DVD over and over. Sometimes I throw in The Jazz Singer just to change up the music! I had a great time at your recent LA concert too. The tickets were worth every penny. You looked so handsome up there and the new style of You Don’t Bring Me Flowers with Linda is wonderful. I wish you many more years of success and look forward to the next LA concert opportunity! Shalom and Good Luck.. Lori Kamler, Huntington Beach, CA

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