Thank You for the Memory Filled DVD

Thank you Neil for the AWESOME DVD.I watched it with Patty (my sister inlaw & bestfriend also BIG Neil fan). We went to your 2008 concert in St Paul & then we decided to attend the concert in Grand Forks,ND – ROAD TRIP. We totally spoiled ourselves in Grand Forks & bought our tickets through I Love All Access. We didn’t know what to expect but what we got were front row center tickets, what could be better then that. Well let me tell you what, the night before the concert we were sitting in the very small casino with about 6-10 other people including the staff. You came in through a door behind the bar & walked through the casino. Patty yells there’s Neil Diamond we both jump up any hurry after you, we followed you out to the lobby where you stopped took out your camera & came back into the casino. You walked through with your camera taking video of us & other people in the casino. Patty & I were the only 2 people standing there & by chance I had my Home Before Dark CD in my backpack, you stopped & we talked(I talked with you Patty was in AWE & didn’t speak, she told
me later she was having an out of body experience,Ha Ha. I don’t let her forget that experience, it was sooooooooo fun. You signed my CD (I had to buy a new CD to listen to because I am getting the signed one framed). Thank you for taking the time to talk with us, also I would like to let you know that the same casino on Saturday night after your concert was Packed. So to get down to the Thank You for the DVD, when we watched this together it brought back such a fun time in Grand Forks. I have watched the DVD several times, I love watching it when I am doing my walking exercise but it is really hard to focus on walking & not start dancing(well dancing is excercise also). We look forward to your future concerts & until then we have the DVD.
Smiley & Patt

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