Thank You For The DVD. It Will Continue My Healing

Dear Neil,

You may recall in early 2007 the letter I sent you regarding the death of my Dad to liver cancer. He was only 66. In the time since he went home to be with God, I have had a very rough time. Bouncing from job to job and constantly feeling very low, I still grieve for him. But now I can see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Dad was instrumental in introducing me to your music and to this day your music continues to heal the pain of his loss. This DVD is wonderful because I attended my first concert in 1983 and the ticket was an early Christmas present from Dad, since the show was three days before Christmas. This concert takes me back to that day and the memories I can still recapture bring Dad back all over again.

I have enjoyed HOT AUGUST NIGHT/NYC immensely. It is very well edited, shot and assembled and it really captures the wonder, energy and excitement of the experience we all feel attending your concerts. Now, I can always go to a show in the comfort of my own living room and still feel close to my Dad in spirit every time I hear the songs of my youth and adolescence and young adulthood.

HOT AUGUST NIGHT/NYC is an amazing gift to your fans and I want to thank you for releasing it so many people can continue the concert-going experience whenever they like, too. What a nice gesture of friendship to your fans and it is this reason among so many more, that make you so unique and special to so many of us.

My Dad is happy, too. He would not want me to be sad every day and now with this DVD, I have a tool to help me heal even more each day.

Thank you Neil for your music, for continuing to tour and for writing such spiritually uplifting music. HELL YEAH! HOT AUGUST NIGHT/NYC rocks. HELL YEAH is does! HELL YEAH it does!!! You truly are a gift from God.

Thank you so much again. HOT AUGUST NIGHT/NYC really means a lot to me. And, it always will.

Your friend,

Tom Tagliente

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