So good! So good!

Thank you so much for putting out this DVD for your fans, Neil! My boyfriend and I will watch it over and over again until we have to buy another copy from wearing out the first one! I’m 36 and my boyfriend is 39 and we’ve been fans of yours our entire lives! (Of course our parents were fans too!) We went to Boston from Michigan last year just to see you at Fenway Park! (I’m a huge Red Sox fan! Seeing you at Fenway was an absolute dream come true!) We also saw you that year when you came to the Palace of Auburn Hills. You were, as always, FANTASTIC! I’m so proud to be a fan of someone so talented, so kind, so generous and so wonderful! Did I mention we watch “The Jazz Singer” at least twice a month?! We love it! Thanks, Neil, for being YOU!

Love and hugs,

Nikki and John
Two HUGE fans from Ypsilanti, MI

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