Simply Outstanding!!

I’ve been reading all the “DVD Thanks” whilest trying to come up with some spectacular way of saying my own thank you to Neil for his HAN/NYC DVD but I keep coming up short on what I think are the appropriate words. I struggle with just saying “thank you” because it doesn’t quite seem adequate enough to express my deepest appreciation of and to the man and his music. I’ve watched this DVD over a dozen times and tonight I will watch it once again. Exactly one year ago today on September 20, 2008, I watched him perfom at GM Place in Vancouver, B.C. Canada. When he walked on stage, the place erupted. I am proud to admit I was one of the ones with tears in my eyes. Goodness, truth be told, I don’t think I took my eyes off him for one minute. I found myself wondering what must it be like for him to stand there before an audience of thousands of adoring, enthusiastic people who love him? What could that thunderous clapping, screaming and roaring possibly sound like from his perspective on stage? What did it feel like? The concert was outstanding! Neil was outstanding! And now, thanks once again to this man and his generosity, I can re-live this experience whenever I so desire by simply watching this DVD. Neil, you are truly amazing.
With fondest regards,
Linda Susanne Mitchell
Sidney, B.C.

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