“Pretty Amazing” to say the least!

Mr. Diamond,

After 59 concerts, all of your live videos and many CD’s, what truly amazes me are two things really. One – (and I mean this sincerely) you’re still going stronger than ever after 40 plus year i the biz – most probably would’ve retired or gone by the wayside or something. Two – I don’t know what the reason but your voice sounds better now than it did 10-15 years ago. Not that it ever sounded bad mind you. But realistically, lots of folks’ voices aren’t “quite up to par” as they / we get older. In this new DVD, you’re singing more on the mark and with great enunciation, projection and strength than I would’ve thought possible! You go, sir!!! 🙂

HAN / NYC is now my favorite of all of yours. Again, they are / were all great! But the production, style, audio quality – EVERYTHING in this one (in my humble opinion) just surpasses all the others. The techs got it right as did the band and all other concerned. The vocalist did OK, too. LOLOL – KIDDING! You were so right on with this one!!

Thank you immensely and congrats on such a great project!

Mike Thomas

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