Pretty Amazing Neil is what you are!

How can I thank you for this latest gem that you are sharing with the world? I watched Hot August Night – NYC and saw the sheer joy in the faces and hearts of men and women in the audience, the faces and hearts of your fabulous band members and most importantly in your face and heart. The DVD made me smile, made me laugh, made me cry and just simply made me FEEL. How great is that? The DVD experience took me right back to the shows in St Paul and Grand Forks that I was lucky enough to attend on your 2008-09 tour. I was fortunate enough to be front row in Grand Forks and thought my heart would leap out of my chest when you ventured off the stage and walked the floor singing “September Morn”. I wanted to desperately to reach out to you as you passed by me. Your music has made such a huge impact on my life and I appreciate all the sacrifices you have made in your life to be able to give so much of yourself to your fans. Thank you for sharing your gift of incredible talent for all these years. Am I proud to be a Neil Diamond fan? HELL YEAH I AM!

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