Neil, you certainly “knocked ’em dead” as Elijah

told you to. I only received my copy of the DVD yesterday and watched it all through last evening. It certainly was worth waiting for, and by the end I was lost for words to describe how I felt, so I will try to find the words tonight.
I was lucky enough to catch two concerts last year, in Birmingham and Cardiff, my first live concerts although I’ve been a fan for nearly forty years. I haven’t got over the experience yet, and hope I never do. It had a life-changing effect on me,and I know now that whenever I feel down I can play the DVD or the live CD and feel that exhileration all over again.
The DVD allowed me to see the show from a front row seat, to see all your facial expressions,and feel your emotion in some songs, your sheer joy in the music in all of them. It was amazing to be able to see the audience from your viewpoint, and to have all the camera angles on you and the band, instead of just seeing the show from one place in the arena. Thank you so much for giving us this wonderful souvenir of a summer to remember. I wonder how on earth you are going to top the 2008 tour, but I know that , when you are ready, you will come back and surprise us yet again. I do hope and pray so, and that I will get the chance to see you and to feel all those feelings all over again.
I will be able to show all my non-believer friends exactly what I have been telling them about since last June, and maybe I will have some of them with me the next time you get to the UK.
Thank you for all the beautiful music and for being there ,in song, whenever I need you, whether I’m happy or sad you always seem to have the right words to fit the moment. Please keep on finding the right words for years to come, and I will keep on listening. God bless you and keep you happy and in good health.
With love to you and your beautiful band, from Olive.

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