neil, you are a troubadour of old

“One of these days I’m going to write a song that makes someone want to cry.” [March 1967] so you said one day. The song I most love and stirs me profoundly, my absolute favorite always has been ‘Holly Holy’ and especially the life recording for the BBC in 1971. The raw emotion and passion of youth. Now I discover its counterpart; Hell Yeah. Here I am moved so deeply I do cry. In my thoughts this is the emotion, the passion of your life lived, a looking back, a farewell of sorts. The other end of the spectrum if you will.
I was just 16 in 1966 when I heard your voice for the first time and stood transfixed, wanting to know, who is this voice. You have been a part of my life ever since. I love you Neil Diamond. Thank you for being you. God bless you. Olga

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