To say ‘thank you’ for this DVD seems so small and insignificant.

I have always been a fan since the early 70 but a fan with a small f – always got promised that we would go to a concert – but other things were more important at the time. Life is pretty tough for us all at times – well having seen you again via the TV in the UK last year – I knew I just had to see you in Concert.

Its amazing and confusing sometimes how things happen – and on the 2nd December a close friend from school and I flew to Toronto to see you and the band there.
There are simply no words to describe the experience – it was simply mind blowing – we had front row seats both nights (someone does look after us) and although we did have signs to say we were from the UK but bottled out of holding them up!

My life has simply changed since then and my daughter has told me she has her happy Mum back! I listen to your music constantly and so long as you are singing all is right with my world. This DVD and TYA are incredible, wonderful, magic – thank you so much for all that you do and for being you.
Love you to bit – Chris

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