Music for a lifetime

Your music has been the soundtrack to my life – from “Cherry, Cherry” (that was me in college in 1966) to “I Believe in Happy Endings” (just in the nick of time!) and all the “stuff” in between. It’s been an amazing journey, though I have to say “Love On the Rocks” wasn’t much fun. I have often accused you of following me around and looking in my windows in order to write your songs. “Songs of Life” is one of my all/old time favorites and “Home Before Dark” is the culmination of a lifetime traveling with you. I can’t imagine a post script – but I am eager to see what’s going to happen to me next …..

The love of my life took me to my first Neil Diamond concert. Years later, I took him to one. Many years later, I gathered my children and their spouses from multi states for a concert in Sacramento – you were often an “Oh Mom” moment in their home growing up. The frosting on the cake was when my son took me on a date to see you in Denver not long ago for my Christmas present.

And now I have a concert on DVD to watch whenever I want – what a gift of memories you continue to provide. Thanks for all of them.


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