Thank you for being a part of my life. I am a Tribute artist and I have experienced things and met great people because of your music. You were told about me in May of ’08 during a radio interview promoting “Home Before Dark & The up coming Tour. Magic 107.7 in Orlando asked you what you thought about me paying tribute to you and you said “I Think It’s Terrific”. That is probably the closest I’ll ever get to meet you, but it will stay with me forever. I was in the front row with my son at the Orlando show and we were the ones who got everyone chanting “One More Time” after “Sweet Caroline” ( The Horn section & Linda Press acknowledged us, very cool ) Anyway, Watching the DVD brought back every second of that concert, my son and I have watched it many times and we still relive it like we’re still there. Maybe one day my dream will be fullfilled and I can thank you in person, but till then, about you’re DVD, “I Think It’s Terrific” !
Your Fan, Your Friend,
Jack Berrios

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