Memories of a lifetime

Dear Neil, There are truly no words I could say that would do justice to the emotions and feelings coming out of my heart and soul. Your music, especially the four concerts last year in NYC, my hometown, has soothed and calmed down my soul. Somehow helping me find hope and solice for a new day, a new beginning. I can only offer you my sincerest thank you which I do with all the vigor in this old worn out tattered heart of mine. I have been “listening intently” since hearing and seeing you at the Foxborrow Racetrack in Massachusetts when you introduced a new single, “Holly Holy”. I still remember how you came on last, fashionably late, not too long into it you were booed very loudly by I guess the people who came to see John mahal, the blues magoos and the Holy modol rounders. What I remember most is your reaction to it on stage. You stopped bantering with the crowd, looked down and then got totally lost in your music. You tried harder and put everything you had out on that stage. And we all noticed. There was no more booing. All these times I have seen you and you have never dissappointed, So I have never stopped coming.I will never stop coming and listening to your music. It has truly been a fantastic, magical, mysterious journey. One in which I have never tried to figure out, while all those around me have tried but failed. One that I am privileged and gratefull to have experienced. I wish somehow I could give something back to you for all these special magical moments you have created and given to us, but I fear I have nothing to offer, just to say thank you again from the center of my heart. If you or your band mates ever want a place to hide out away from it all, you are all more than welcome to hang/stay over at my place. It’s not quite a castle nor a dungeon, but its a very pleasant happy place to be. The DVD was like being there all over again. A once in a lifetime gift to a recovering soul. Again, With deepest
grattitude, Godspeed…Thanks Again and Again and Again …. and Again ………………..


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