It’s so good! I really enjoy it! When’s the next tour?

This is WeakonNeil outside of Atlanta. Wow now how did I get a nickname like that?? The DVD is great what can I say. I told several people about it to buy that it was worth the money and a great way to spend a Friday night watching you Neil. Its a great concert and I can feel your energy. You were given a great God given talent. I enjoy seeing you here in ATLANTA GA and at times will go to a concert out of state. We met once face to face here in Atlanta my daughter and I, you were so sweet to let us get pix with you. You were smoking your cigar and did not burn my hair as you reached around me with it still in your hand.LOL You were sweet to give my preteen daughter, 2 other ladies and myself your time. This DVD will be something great to watch this winter by a fire with a good glass of red wine. May God protect you and guide you, his light is the way we need to trod. I wish you good health and say your fans are enjoying this DVD. Kellie Cuneio-Brown

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