If you know what I mean


What a Beautiful Noise from the man who has generated the sounds that I love since the age of 6. Your music will live forever but now’s not the time to stop. Get back to the writing ASAP because your creativity is at an all time high. Your next album should be “back to the root” kind of a sequel to Tap root manuscript. My youngest son Alex was introduced to your music by his dad and the entire family always attends your concerts in South Florida. Alex though is the one many fans point to as he belts out every song word for word. My greatest wish is that one day he will be able to meet you. He has a condition called C.O.A.C.H. syndrome which carries amongst other things a fibrotic liver. He’s doing very well but he idolized you even more then his dad… He’s now in drama and every performance at the curtain call he gives the crowd the famous Neil Diamond ending with him arm down and then up towards the sky like in The Jazz Singer. Anyway congratulation on a truly outstanding DVD concert film that captures the essence of why you remain a music tour de force.

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