Hugs and blessings to you

Dear Neil,
First of all thank you for all the sacrafices you must have made throughout your lifetime to share yourself and your many talents with us.
Second, thank you so, so much for this awesome DVD/CD set. It is “beautifully done”. It is like being able to attend a concert everyday and to experience those wonderful feelings your music gives to us over and over. It is obvious you and the band always give 110% plus for your fans.
I appreciate you sharing your trip home, I loved it. You were so humble when the guys on the street did not know who you were. Brooklyn Roads has always been one of my favorites and now to see where it all began gives it even more meaning. I am so glad you included this on the DVD.
This tour was so special to me. We were fortunate to attend the San Antonio show and OKC, both making wonderful memories with family and meeting new friends.
Your performance of “Hell Yeah” is just so powerful and moving, like all of your songs, they make us feel your emotion and brings the words right down to relate to our lives. Your songs always seem to just fill any need we may have in our life at the time. A few days after I received the DVD/CD my hubby had to have bypass surgery and I don’t know what I would have done not having your music with me on the many drives to and from the hospital(45 min each way). Your music gives strenth and hope when it is needed most.
I hope someday to meet you and thank you in person because your music has been there for me every stage of my life. You came into my life with “Cracklyn Rosie” when I was a teenager, carhop, looking at the the concert poster hanging in the window at work daily just waiting for the day for my first Neil concert to arrive. Later, such a memeory in the movie theater watching “The Jazz Singer” being 8 months pregnant with our second child and having to stand for half of the movie because I was so big and uncomfortable! LOL Now you are still bringing so much joy when I am a “Granna” and still waiting for another concert to come along!
Truly, “Songs of Life”.

{hugs} and blessing to you and the band,
Jane Bryan (Texas)

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