How Do I Ever Thank You???

Dear Neil – Saying thank you seems so inadequate for all the years of joy you have brought to me. I’ve followed you and your career for 40 years (at least!)and I live in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area so I saw your opening 2 nights of the U.S. tour. Over the years when I’m at your concerts all I hear is one chord and I know exactly what song you will be singing. Ever since July 2008 I have said this concert had to be recorded on DVD because this was, in my humble opinion, the BEST you have ever sounded and performed — amazing but true for me. And my wish was answered. Tonight your special is on and I’m at my part-time kicking myself for agreeing to work without thinking of what I was missing (the DVD-R is recording – I hope!). I did get the DVD earlier than I should have and all I can say is THANK YOU and thank you to all of your band. I hope you continue to tour but if you decide not to (God forbid!) I will never forget the years and especially this past tour — thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

As you know this IAIS board is so full of loving fans of yours — we did the Billboard ad last year and now this. I will also remember watching the video from Sioux City and your getting the quilt from one of our members here. I cried — you are so special to all of us. May peace, joy and happiness follow you all of your days! Love, Sue Perko

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