I grew up with your music. I was born into a family of Diamondheads. I even fought kids in the schoolyard over who’s musical hero was cooler. As I grew older, I began bringing more attention to your music by hyping you to any friend I made, girl I dated or crowd I performed in front of.
Hot August Night/NYC proves what I’ve been telling people since I was able to talk…Neil Diamond Rocks!!! The DVD is fantastic! It captures the essense of your live performance, the energy of the interaction between the band, the music and the fans and it really delivers the aura of a Neil Diamond show that has impressed the hell out of me since my first Neil concert at the age of six.
Your concerts have been some of the biggest experiences of my life. They have molded my life and encouraged me to seek out my own life as a performer. I finally have a full DVD where I can turn to when I need to be “educated” on how a legend works a crowd and puts on a show. This DVD will prove to the world what we fans already knew…you spell Neil Diamond I-C-O-N!

See you on the road! Keep rocking the world!!

Steve Ketterer

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